The original College of Life Science is founded in 1998. Restructured and Renamed in 2004, and readjusted in 2013. The new College of Life Science have 2 provincial key disciplines that one is Microbiology,the other is Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. In addition to, we have Fungi resources institute, Bamboo institutePlant species Identification centerCenter of karst ecological environment1 key laboratory - Mountain Plant Resources Protection and Germplasm Innovation that co-constructed by MOE and Guizhou Province.At the same time, we have established extensive collaborations in education and research with 1 provincial key laboratories - Guizhou Key Laboratory of Agricultural Bioengineering.

There are 70 faculty and staff members in our college, including 18 professors, 20 associate professors. In them, 34 are Ph.D., 22 are master, 6 are Ph.D. supervisors and 26 are master's supervisors,1 person is the ministry of education teaching guidance committee, 4 owners of special Allowance from the State Council, 5 Provincial Excellent Management Experts, 6 Academic Leaders, 1 National Model Teacher, 2 Provincial Excellent Teachers and 2 Provincial Teaching Masters.

Our college provides 3 undergraduate programs and 3 adult undergraduate programs. Moreover, our college holds 1 first-level discipline for Ph.D. granting of Biology, 1 first-level discipline for Ph.D. granting of Ecology, 7 second-level disciplines for Ph.D. granting, 1 first-level discipline for master's degree granting of Biology, 1 first-level discipline for master's degree granting of Ecology, and more than 10 second-level disciplines for master's degree granting. At present, we enroll full-time undergraduate students and graduate students.

Since 2004, we have undertaken about more than 500 research projects (the total funds being about 100 million Yuan RMB), and won more than 30 academic awards from Guizhou Province. Additionally, we have published over 1000 academic papers, and applied 30 patents of invention and utility models.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the College of Life Science, and welcome your cooperation.